Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fashion Show Recap

So the Park Avenue Fashion Week event I volunteered for was ah-mazing! My classmate and I helped out with the food and beverages department of the fashion show. My station was serving drinks to the patrons and I had fun talking to and serving them. I even developed "regulars" where I knew exactly what they wanted. This department was headed by the owners of Maxine's on Shine, two very knowledgeable and fun people to work with. The show itself was the longest fashion show I’ve ever seen but it was still very good and I thouroughly enjoyed myself and it seemed that everyone else did too. There were plenty of clothes and models. My station partner was a mother of two of the models and she was a blast to work with. Her daughter actually was on a season of Project Runway as a model and I believe one of the designers from there had a collection in this show. Regardless, the greatest part I got to witness was at the end of the wedding dress scene. As the last model was walking, her boyfriend got on stage and proposed! It was perfect and she said yes! I didn't get to take many pictures since I was working, but the set up and energy reminded me of why I want to be a Creative Director. 

My classmate and I at breakdown

 I even met the director of a past event I volunteered for and chatted up a bit for next years production.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

How Invested Are You?

The entertainment industry forever contains “newbies” but there are few, in comparison, those who are considered experts in the field. Those who have been there, and done that, and gone through the mistakes and successes of being in the industry and still matter. Well, despite whatever industry you are in, your hope is to last and hopefully be able to guide others. Many goals are to start up a successful business but to do that, one must have a good business plan that he/she can take to investors. Two men who are considered experts when it comes to business plans are Chuck Blakeman and Kevin Hartz.

Chuck Blakeman is an entrepreneur and business mentor, he has his own business that provides tools for business owners to make money in less time. He is interesting because he believes that a new company does not need a business plan. Instead, they should be out doing rather than wasting time planning. In an interview he shared that vision, speed of execution, time in market, and business maturity date are the key components for a business owner. His reasoning for these are “you get what you intend, not what you hope for.”
Chuck Blakeman
Kevin Hartz is the founder/CEO of Eventbrite, an online company that helps people discover, create, and promote events along with ticket sales. According to AngelList, most of his investments are in social media platforms, the most popular being Pinterest. Hartz, in a Forbes article talked about how he likes to invest in companies that have smart and driven entrepreneurs, attacks big markets, and make their services available on multiple platforms. He learned these from his own company so it is understandable that he would look for the same characteristics when investing in a start-up.
Kevin Hartz
Both investors are obviously very knowledgeable but different in their approach to business plans. When looking for an investor, your passion must be high to attract them first, then the logistics.