Sunday, February 5, 2012

Events and Productions

Events and productions have many genres, just like music. They entice different audiences and satisfy different needs. There are different types of events, they include: celebratory, educational, promotional, and commemorative. Examples are trade shows, corporate meetings, conferences, concerts, fundraisers and etc. Regardless of the type, the purpose is usually universal: to physically put on something or showcase an occasion.

The entertainment industry is a huge driving force in today’s society. Media has risen especially due to technology and the break down of certain barriers. People want to enjoy life and be entertained. That includes being with a group of people partaking in something that they all consider fun. Events provide an outlet for those commonalities. Whether you know it or not, there is always something going on. I’ll try to let you know of a certain event for every post I make.

So what’s the biggest event going on today? Super Bowl XLVI! It’s February 5 and The New England Patriots are going against The New York Giants. So much preparation and money went into this and you can believe that a lot of money will come out of it too. If you went shopping lately, there had to be advertisements everywhere and sold out pizza and chips and beer. Whether you are a sports fanatic or not *raises hand* it will be hard to not be affected somehow. For instance I got awesome deals on frozen pizza because of the super bowl. The Super Bowl itself and its sponsors offers prizes and giveaways so it was a mini win to me. This event isn’t just a football game; it is a major production that includes a concert and philanthropy too.

Events are meant to be impactful and the different medians that contribute to it make it a lasting one. 

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