Friday, April 13, 2012

Speak No Evil

Speakers provide a lot of insight from their experiences and have something important to say but most are boring let’s admit. As I was searching through, which is a site devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, I was hoping to find something about creativity and directorship. I found many interesting topics but the story by Gary Vaynerchuk kept my attention while delivering a great message. In his motivational speech he explained how his business came about. He worked with the family business of selling wine for seven years but then decided he wanted to do something else. That is when he came up with Wine Library TV in which he educates people on all aspects of wine. It is now a very large community. This may not sound interesting but his delivery was amazing! He kept it very real through humor and cursing, which is something I appreciate, and you can check out his speech below. I promise you you’ll enjoy it. No matter what career path you want to pursue, there were a lot of great points made in that speech.

His approach to business storytelling has led Gary to be featured on many various media outlets. This particular speech essentially was about doing what you love and not making excuses. One must have two things he said, patience and passion. There are so many people who are doing things they hate and not asking themselves “what do I want to do?” He explains that on building your personal brand you must listen to your users and care about your user base but you have to start with YOURSELF. He advises however that if you do not believe in your personal brand, to get out of it.

In his speech, he pointed out that “legacy is greater than currency”. Gary wants his family to be proud of him, which is exactly how I feel about my Dad. I believe that in today’s society a lot of people do things just for the money. Too many are willing to throw their pride or ethics away for it. His speech gave me a better understanding of going after what you want and utilizing your time to do what you enjoy. He showed that you could build your brand equity after hours (after working your regular job) if you want to succeed. In other words, position yourself to succeed. 


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