Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Picture This

This past weekend I volunteered with Snap! Orlando, a photography celebration that showcases amazing works of national and international photographers. The main event took place in a warehouse in Downtown Orlando. I worked Friday, which was the opening night of the art exhibition and also Saturday, which was a continuation but included a fashion show. I really enjoyed helping out with the event but how I found out about this event was through a friend via a social media network the day before! The event opened my eyes to spectacular works including a live work done entirely by the use of a Sharpie marker up against a 20-foot wall (as shown in the picture below). I was more wide-eyed because the event gave me an idea of the kind of things I could work with since I want to be a Creative Director for live events and productions.

I also realized that I should start getting into photography more. It’s something I enjoy doing as a hobby every now and then but since I don’t own a fancy ultra expensive camera, I don’t think I can convey that artistic side of me to others when those around me look like real photographers. A book I am currently reading for class is Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the author talked about how “fear” is the most powerful emotion that prevents us from achieving success. Another chapter of the book expressed how we should want to know a little about everything; this is something I tell people but many things cost money and that financial fear is what holds many, including myself, back from doing it. I like how my weekend experience and my class readings tied in so perfectly.

Overall, this event was a joy to work with and I plan to do this event again next year. I also hope to find more treasures like this that I can volunteer with that will give more experience and allow me to explore the city of Orlando more.

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