Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is It Real?

What is a live event? It is a function where one is able to feel the action and have a connection with others they may not know. It is an experience. Many of these events are set for certain times of your life, such as prom. The experience from that can affect you for your whole life. There is actually an Experience Industry that plays on points in our lives. But with world modernization there is a shift in how things are done. A lot of things within the entertainment industry are being substituted for a digital experience. But is it possible to do that with a live event?

ABC News has come with a new ipad application called the ‘New Live Event Experience’. It will take you inside the 2012 Political Convention for both parties. The elements included are multi-streaming, social media feed, and expert commentary ALL on one screen. The app originally did not have this update but since refreshing in June, the total user engagement has increased by 57%! The new combination of these elements provides an overall experience for the consumer. Being as there are no tabs to flip through, the goal is to cater to our senses at once.

Some may argue for this due to sold-out or even international events. I am traditional so this does not appeal to me even if I cannot attend the actual event. I think there is a future for this since it exists but for me it depends on the event. One where there isn’t much interaction or input such as the political convention can be viewed through new ipad applications such as this, but a concert where you are immersed in the production might be hard to accomplish. It does worry me though how it will impact the live event industry.

Sidenote: go out (double meaning) and register to vote!

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