Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mag App

About a year ago, I used my frequent flyer miles to subscribe to five different popular magazines. I didn’t have enough to actually book a trip so I didn’t want to waste them when I had this option. So far, I have read 1 out of the 40 or so that are laying on my coffee table or in the magazine racks. They really are just for show now. The fact I haven’t read any has nothing to do with the magazines themselves since I chose which ones I wanted because they interested me. It might be because I’m too busy since only when I have real downtime will I pick one up. So far the only person who really reads my magazines is my cousin when she goes on a road trip, so they have a purpose. However I’m really glad I didn’t have to pay because boy would that have been a complete waste of money.

Somewhat unrelated but it is, I have Netflix. I can go a month without watching anything just because I’m not really a TV person but I know I will make up that month subscription fee maybe the next month by watching a couple. So how this relates is there is an application, which is like Netflix but for magazines called NEXT ISSUE. The way it works is that “[Android] tablet owners can essentially pay $10-$14 a month for all the magazines that they want to read”. There are also individual magazine (and issues) subscriptions too from $2-$10. The application hopes to add more social and personalization elements that are seen in many new digital products. NEXT ISSUE was recently made available on the iPad too, so now more consumers have access to all these wonderful magazines they may not have known about before.

I see this application reducing stagnant issues around the house. NEXT ISSUE is putting hundreds of magazines in your hand without the clutter. It will even include international titles when it expands. I see specialty magazines becoming a part of the collection, which would aid me since lately I've been doing a lot of research in possibly starting up a magazine dealing with the special events industry.

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  1. The mag app is totally convient, it substitutes packing space when taking trips, also gives readers a variety of magazines that fits their preference. This is a great idea to continue, they should add more specific market magazines such as hunting magazines, cooking magazines, nude magazines etc.