Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fashion Show Recap

So the Park Avenue Fashion Week event I volunteered for was ah-mazing! My classmate and I helped out with the food and beverages department of the fashion show. My station was serving drinks to the patrons and I had fun talking to and serving them. I even developed "regulars" where I knew exactly what they wanted. This department was headed by the owners of Maxine's on Shine, two very knowledgeable and fun people to work with. The show itself was the longest fashion show I’ve ever seen but it was still very good and I thouroughly enjoyed myself and it seemed that everyone else did too. There were plenty of clothes and models. My station partner was a mother of two of the models and she was a blast to work with. Her daughter actually was on a season of Project Runway as a model and I believe one of the designers from there had a collection in this show. Regardless, the greatest part I got to witness was at the end of the wedding dress scene. As the last model was walking, her boyfriend got on stage and proposed! It was perfect and she said yes! I didn't get to take many pictures since I was working, but the set up and energy reminded me of why I want to be a Creative Director. 

My classmate and I at breakdown

 I even met the director of a past event I volunteered for and chatted up a bit for next years production.
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